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Oculus with its unaffected mien is a Tumblr blog theme developed for an audience who prefers to let the content shine within an unassuming interface that contributes to the development of the narration by providing a congenial context. It respects the versatility of Tumblr user base and is equally at elan in housing a journal rich in media to a blog of a raconteur.


  • Easy Installation and Customization
  • Spartan complexion to focus the audience on the content without sacrificing the need of personalization
  • Typographically scaled to provide a comfortable reading experience
  • Integrate Disqus commenting system in your blog with ease
  • Add links to your social profiles in Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Dribbble, Instagram, Flickr, and Foursquare
  • Optionally Show Tags, Notes, Search box and Copyright Information.
  • Easy integration of Google Analytics
  • Support for retina display and all modern browsers
  • Support for all Tumblr post types and custom css


Please consult the documentation included in the zip file you download from Themeforest for help with installation and / or customization options. Double click to open the documentation in your browser and follow the step by step guide from How to Install the Theme to Customization and such advanced options as adding your own Custom CSS.

If you need further assistance or require clarification of any kind then do not hesitate to reach me via Twitter @DhrubaRC or Themeforest itself.

Thank you for your Time and Patience!

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