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Turbo Charge your WordPress Easy Polls with the Social Polling Plugin

The WordPress Social Polling Plugin is an additional plugin to work in conjunction with the popular WordPress Easy Polling Plugin. This plugin requires the purchase of the WordPress Easy Polling Plugin. Without the latest version of WordPress Easy Polling Plugin this plugin will not work.

Why buy this plugin

The WordPress Social Polling Plugin adds a new skin to your WordPress Easy Polls. It also adds Facebook social sharing and most importantly controls the voting on your Polls through the use of the Facebook API to allow users to vote using their Facebook account.

Adding this control means you can see that real people have voted on your poll. This helps people use your site more via Facebook and when someone votes it will publish to their News Feed that they have voted on a poll on your website. This can make your polls go viral as your polls can be seen by all the voters friends with a link back to your site and they can share and like the News Feed story across Facebook’s 1 BILLION members.

  • Makes your WordPress Easy Polls go VIRAL
  • Facebook style skin for the WordPress Easy Polling Plugin
  • Social Share features
  • Voting controlled by facebook ID
  • Change your mind and vote on a different option
  • Poll Statistics available
  • Lightbox enabled for viewing who has answered a poll
  • Click on the facepiles to view some of the people who have voted
  • When someone votes it posts to their Facebook News Feed “[Name] answered [Poll] on [your website]”

What people are saying

love it! great work.

Great job! You really manage to get the fb poll into wordpress plugins. You know I’ve been waiting for this kind of plugins since 2008


For detailed documentation of the plugin please read the support manual for the add-on included in the plugin files on the Facebook settings page. For details of how to create a poll and include it on your WordPress site please refer to the WordPress Easy Polling Plugin documentation.

Buy WordPress Easy Polling Plugin

You can buy the WordPress Easy Polling Plugin here

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