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Simple Snowfall Effect easy to use plugin that adds jQuery powered snow fall effect to your website with many customization options. There are many things you can set to change the snowflakes that best fit your website design. Plugin uses heavily modified jQuery Snowfall script. You can change direction (up, down, left or right), to get floating or falling.

Wide range of settings for customization

You can control where to display the snowflakes (with additional control using filters in code), what effects to use, directions and mode (images or generated flakes).

Main Customization Settings
  • Control page types that show snowflakes
  • Set up or down direction for snowflakes
  • Set left or right direction for snowflakes
  • Use generated dots or images for snowflakes
  • Set number of snowflakes to show
  • Control snowflakes opacity
  • Control snowflakes speed
  • For standard flakes select size range
  • For standard flakes select color
  • For standard flakes use of roundness and shadow
  • Select one or more images to use
  • Control rotation for the images

Snowflakes, balloons, Halloween or Christmas related images

Plugin has total of 26 images you can use for flakes. You can use any number of different images as you want with different random scaling to get best effect.

List of included Images
  • 14 built-in images for snowflakes
  • 4 built-in images for balloons
  • 4 built-in images for stars
  • 3 built-in images for halloween
  • 1 built-in image for heart

Adjust images used or effects to fit with any theme

Plugin can work with any theme, and it only requires jQuery to work. You can use images or generated flakes to best fit the effect into your website.

Other Plugin Features

  • Filter for snowflakes display from code
  • Filter to change snowflake images
  • Preview area on the settings panel
  • Support translation and includes POT file


Version 3.2 / 2013.12.06.
  • Added: 4 stars images
  • Added: 3 additional snoflakes images
  • Improved: flake images organized in sub directories
  • Improved: minor changes to main JavaScript
Version 3.1 / 2013.10.30.
  • Added: extra option to allow for older jQuery incompatibility
  • Improvement: minor changes to the calculation of flakes size
  • Fixed: image scale options were not applied properly

Full changelog available on plugins home page

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