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The jQuery Facebook Gallery script allows you to show all your Facebook albums (images) on your website. Please note that this script will only work with Facebook pages that belong to businesses or organization or pages that are registered as fan pages. It will NOT work with personal Facebook profiles or group pages. Also, please make sure that the Facebook page you want to use has no active age restrictions since these restrictions require authentication and access tokens for each user. This script is a pure javascript/jQuery solution and does not require a PHP server.

This is the standalone version of the “jQuery Facebook Gallery” script. If you are looking for the WordPress version, please click here.

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This script comes with 180+ different settings and allows you to use it just the way you want it to be. It is highly flexible and to make things easier, it comes with an easy to use Code Generator that will help you to make the most out its possibilities.

Define Gallery Scope:

You can either pull all albums (but exclude the ones you don’t want), predefine the albums you want to be shown or show one single album directly. You can also define how many albums in total you want to provide to your visitors.

Fixed or Responsive Layout

The script allows you to create your gallery with a static layout (fixed width) or make it responsive (fluid width) to the screen dimensions.

Pagination Feature:

You can use smart pagination (where the script will determine the number of items per page based on the available screen size), manually set the number of thumbnails per page, set number of total pages or use no pagination at all.

Infinite Scroll Feature:

If you don’t want to paginate your gallery, but also don’t want to show all thumbnail at once, why not use the included “Infinite Scroll” Feature …

You can have the script automatically determine the number of items to load for each Infinite Scroll event (based on available screen size) or set the number manually.

LazyLoad Feature:

You can use a LazyLoad Feature for all thumbnails where the images will only be loaded when they are actually in browser view.

Lightbox Feature:

The script is pre-programmed for four optional lightbox plugins (fancyBox, colorBox, prettyPhoto and PhotoBox), which are included in the download package for your convenience. But by targeting custom class names, you could use other lightboxes as well.

Tooltip Feature:

The script is also pre-programmed for the awesome qTip2 Tooltip plugin (included in download package), which can be used to show information such as album names or photo descriptions. Of course, by targeting a custom class name of your choosing, you could use other tooltip solutions as well. But the qTip2 plugin already comes with multiple designs and positioning options, so you should be good to go.

Social Share Feature:

The script provides you with the option to show social share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and StumbleUpon. These buttons can either be shown below the thumbnails or inside the thumbnail while hovering. You can also select whether you want the share links to open in a new tab/window or as a simple popup.

Translation Ready:

The script allows you to translate all text elements your visitors will get to see by using provided settings parameters. The (included) awesome Code Generator will make that as easy as possible for you.

Album Information

For each album, the script can pull all relevant information, such as names, descriptions, number of likes and existing comments and provide these information to your viewers.

Other Features

  • Exclude individual images from being shown
  • Automatically include or exclude the Timeline album
  • Optional two-directional (asc. / desc.) album sorting feature (name / number of images / date album created / date album last updated)
  • Smart filter option to filter albums and photos by age groups
  • Search Feature to search for albums by keywords
  • Set initial sorting direction and sorting criteria
  • Can be embedded via iFrame with automatic height adjustment for iFrame; all lightboxes will open full-screen in parent document (still requires all files to be on the same domain)
  • Option for floating control bar that follows the user while scrolling through the album selection
  • Option to show dates in “from now” format (i.e. “2 days ago”) instead of standard date format
  • Optional logs (in console) for better debugging (i.e. number of albums or photes retrieved, error codes, etc.)
  • No need for PHP unless internal image scaler is utilized; two external (web based) image scaling services can be utilized as well; by default the script will use CSS3 scaling
  • No requirement for creating a Facebook App via your Facebook Profile

Code Generator

Click here to test the Code Generator.

Before Purchase

This script requires you to load additional JS and CSS files for your website, as well as adding some custom HTML and JavaScript lines to your page code. While the JS and CSS files can be hosted outside of your website, the JavaScript lines that are necessary to initialize the gallery and the HTML line which defines where in your page the gallery will be shown must be part of your website. Please ensure that your hosting service and/or WebDesign service allows you to do so. Some online webdesign services are very restrictive with the kind of external content you are allowed to add to your website, so please check with your service provider before buying.

Other Notes

Please be aware that any future progress to the script might require PHP functions for authentication and the creation of a Facebook Apps, depending upon changes Facebook is making to its Graph/API systems. Therefore, before you purchase, please make sure that your system includes a PHP server and that you are able to create a Facebook App for any necessary “App ID’s” and “Secret Keys” in order to keep the script working after future updates.



02/22/2014 – Update

  • Fixed error where photos per album are limited to 100 due to changes in Facebook API
  • Fixed error where albums are limited to 100 due to changes in Facebook API
  • Added option to specifiy additional gutter width between Isotope columns
  • Added Progress Update / Status Animation (useful for large albums)
  • Added option to disable “Autoscroll To Top” when paging, sorting or filtering
  • Added option to show Facebook Like Button for Photo in Lightbox
  • Added option to set the wait time between each Graph Request
  • Other CSS and JS improvements

12/07/2013 – Update

  • Added Infinite Scroll Feature if no pagination is utilized
  • Added option to use CSS3 background image scaling instead of external or PHP based scaling services (IE9+, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari)
  • Added option to manually provide Access Token for private/restricted profiles
  • Added 4th Lightbox Option (photoBox)
  • Added options to shorten share URL for Album and Photo URLs
  • Added option to show existing comments for each album
  • Added option to show social share buttons as overlay in thumbnail instead of just below the thubmnail
  • Added option to show social share buttons in lightbox (only if not embedded via iFrame)
  • Added option to open social share windows either as popup or new tab/window
  • Added StumbleUpon as additional share button
  • Added custom text for Twitter share
  • Added sort Albums by order in which pre-defined Album ID’s have been provided
  • Some CSS improvements and fixes
  • Other JS improvments

09/11/2013 – Update

  • Released Code Generator to automatically build required HTML and JS Code to load and initialize the gallery

08/24/2013 – Update

  • Added option to toggle Album Information Section and show or hide Section as default
  • Added 2nd Cloud based Image Scaling Service to create Thumbnails
  • Added option to disable Automatic iFrame Detection and Height Adjustment if gallery is embedded with cross-domain iFrames (not recommended to embed this way, but sometimes there are no alternatives)
  • Added option to assign custom Class Name to all items that can be opened via Lightbox (in case you want to use a different Lightbox solution than the ones included; can be used to target these Classes specifically)
  • Added option to assign custom Class Name to all items that include Tooltip Content (in case you want to use a different Tooltip solution than the one included; can be used to target these Classes specifically)
  • Fixed occasional error where Smart Pagination doesn’t correctly calculate Numer of Items per Page
  • Fixed error where the link to the full size image (disk icon) does not always use the correct link
  • Other minor JS and CSS improvements
  • Updated internal 3rd Party Extension to newest versions
  • Updated Link to new Manual

07/18/2013 – Update

  • Added option to hide search bar
  • Other minor JS and CSS improvements
  • Updated Manual and new Help & Support Forum

06/12/2013 – Update

  • Added option to automatically shorten album names to prevent line breaks
  • Added option to show album name either above or below thumbnail
  • Fixed error where floating control bar couldn’t be turned off

06/02/2013 – Update

  • Added pagination feature (set number of items per page, number of pages, use automatic pagination or disable pagination)
  • Added lazy-load feature for all album and photo thumbnails
  • Added search and filter feature for albums
  • Added Option to match album thumbnail look with photo thumbnail look
  • Floating Control Bar now available for album and photo thumbnails
  • Other JS and CSS improvements

05/09/2013 – Update

  • Added option to pre-define initial sorting direction (asc./desc.) and sorting criteria (name, number items, date created, date updated)
  • Added optional second back button below album detail view for albums with many pictures

05/06/2013 – Update

  • Fixed error where controlbar reappears after first album call even if it’s set to be disabled
  • Some CSS improvements

05/02/2013 – Update

  • Changed from Facebook Javascript API to direct Facebook Graph requests via JSON to (hopefully) avoid future “Access Token” requests
  • Added third lightbox (prettyPhoto)
  • Made script fully functional when embedded via iFrame (script will detect iFrame and adjust height accordingly; lightboxes open full screen in parent element
  • Option for floating control bar that follows the user while scrolling through the album selection
  • Option to show dates in “from now” format (i.e. “2 days ago”) instead of standard date format
  • Expanded internal logging feature (console) to provide more information for better debugging
  • Updated all utilized plugins (isotope, tooltip, lightboxes, etc.) to their newest versions and adjusted script where necessary
  • Other minor improvements and speed enhancements

04/08/2013 – Update

  • Added option to predefine album ID’s so that only these albums will be shown
  • Other minor improvements

03/15/2013 – Update

  • Fixed error where script occasionally doesn’t load all images in album (up to specified limit in settings)
  • Added additional sorting criteria and numbering option for albums and images for better debugging (manual will be updated accordingly)
  • Other minor improvements

02/18/2013 – Update

  • Added internal check for empty Facebook albums or albums with undefined content that would otherwise break the script

02/11/2013 – Update

  • Added optional social share feature for Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Added second optional lightbox (fancyBox)
  • Other minor bugfixes and improvements

01/27/2013 – Initial Release

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