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Why you need this application?

  • You creating a websites?
  • You do not like overloaded email attachments with hundredth versions of the materials?
  • Tired of explaining to customers that the maximum upload 20MB per email?
  • After receiving the pictures for the web sites from client, you do not know where it belongs?
  • Clients urgently want to see basic information on web page?
  • Oh yes, maybe even the client does not have email, how they might be able to send materials?
  • All the customer sees is too complicated, too many menus, too many clicks?
  • Need to create a small web site, and you need easy-to-use elegant cms and template engine?

If at least one of the answers is yes, see the application and you’ll love it.

About application

Application was designed to simplify the process of gathering and planning materials for making web sites. Can be also used as a easy-to-use and elegant content management system. Export to other application is possible via the JSON API.


Backend (Content editing/planning)

Client backend (Please logout before)

Or classic authentication form login

Frontend (Content presentation when planning or finished)

Frontend example in Planning mode (Under construction replacement)

Frontend example in CMS mode

Usage example

Benefits for your client

  • One click to edit content (for Cursor position :)), your customers will be delighted
  • Drag-and-drop pages to quickly rearrange the order
  • Drag-and-drop multiple files to upload or rearrange the order
  • All on one page, and they don’t need desktop Office application
  • Autosave supported, clients do not have to worry about saving, but if they feel safer can click
  • Customer can login just with link, authorization or email not necessary but possible
  • Additional images like logo and other files that you need can be uploaded
  • Customer can select preferred colors for design
  • When planning content, on frontend “Under construction pages” is displayed so you don’t need to create it

Your benefits

  • Material revisions supported (content, images, files, design description), all in one place
  • Ability to print or see revisions, track content changes
  • Download all files from specific page with one click on the download (in zip archive)
  • Export content to other applications via the JSON API
  • When the content is ready, possible page preview for you and your client using 6 available bootstrap themes (see in Screenshots), or easily create own theme and use it as easy-to-use and elegant CMS system
  • Easy installation, just copy it to server


Technical documentation

  • Application is based on CodeIgniter PHP framework, if you know CodeIgniter you can easily customize the system.
  • CodeIgniter is a very simple framework with the best documentation ever seen, so you can easy learn it.

Download Package

  • Source JS
  • Source CSS
  • Source PHP files
  • Documentation
  • Preview example and bootstrap theme examples

Server requirements

  • PHP version 5.1.6 or newer
  • SQLite extension enabled (it is by default)


1.3 – 11 December 13

  • PHP 5.4.22 compatibility fixed
  • First-time multi upload problem fixed (sometimes few files disappear)

1.2 – 29 June 13

  • Better SEO friendly url implementation (no id in uri), $config[‘extra_seo’] = true;
  • Drag-and-drop file upload support
  • Problem with utf characters in menu fixed, for some languages
  • XML sitemap generator implementation, path: apis/sitemap
  • mod_security compatibility fixed (problem on some servers)
  • Insert image with absolute path in content
  • iPad dropdown menu problem fixed
  • Documentation updated

1.1 – 24 March 13

  • Installer improvements, for MySQL when SQLite is disabled

1.0 – 19 March 13

  • Initial release


If you enjoy this application please rate & share it! If you are rating it with less than 5 stars please drop me a mail why it didn‘t achieve a full score and what could be improved in your opinion.


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