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This plugin enables you to have a Domains Names Checker on your blog using a single shortcode. The plugin can run in 2 different search modes (AJAX search and an Instant search).

AJAX Search This search is a regular search, where the user needs to hit the submit button to do the search.

Instant Search With this type of search the user doesn’t need to hit any submit button (that doesn’t exist anyways). A search is done as the user is typing in the domain name.

This plugin is based on 2 different API ( and Dreamhost) and you can decide to use the service you wish (defined from the plugin settings page). You can also enable the caching of the domains availability search results, and even define the caching expiration for how long you want to wait before the results are refreched.

You can also define your own registrars lists (in an HTML format) with your own affiliate links to register a new domain, that way you can make money each time a user registers a domain through your website !

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– Enable your visitors to check for domains availability
– Shortcode support to integrate the service on any page / post
– Supporting .com .org .info .ca .fr .us .eu .asia and many others (when using the service API)
– 2 different types of searches (AJAX search and Instant search)
– Supporting 2 domains checking service providers ( and Dreamhost)
– You can define your own registrars and affiliate registration link
– Supports caching of the results (to speed up future same searches)
– Enable the display of suggested domains (if a domain is taken)
– Customize the labels used in the search form
– Customize easily the alert messages from the CSS file

How to use

Just se this shortcode into any page you want to integrate the domains checker: [domains_wpress]


28 Aug 2013
– Fixed the class to call the domainr API using the secure URL
7 June 2013
– Added a feature of having a ”.com” added to the keyword if no extension has been defined. So if a user enters only “paris” for ex, the system will consider it as “”

3 Jan 2013
– Added a “search_type” parameter to the shortcode to be able to overwrite the general setting and be able to use a regular search on one page, and Instant Search on another page for ex.
– Added a search button and text input style, that can be customized fron the CSS file.

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