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Android Live Radio – Native App

Are you an online streaming radio station owner? Do you want to build an Android App for your listener? Then this code is for you.

“Android Live Radio” is a native android live streaming app. It is a simple yet powerful solution for creating Android app for your online radio stream in no time. Just add your station name, stream url and station image; then build with Eclipse & submit to Google Play store.

That’s it, no extra code is required.

Key Features

  • Play/Pause/Stop Live Radio Stream
  • Supports Both Single & Multiple Station Radio (v1.1)
  • Station List for Multi-Station Radio (v1.4)
  • AdMob Enabled (v1.1)
  • Background Service/Playback
  • Notification Message
  • Display Album, Artist & Track Info (v1.2)
  • Display Album Art / Cover Image (v1.2)
  • Works with both HTTP & RTSP Stream
  • Supported streams: MP3, AAC, AAC+, HE-AAC+ (v1.3) & RTSP
  • Supported file format: PLS, M3U & XSPF (v1.4)
  • Works with both Portrait & Landscape Orientations
  • Different Layout for Landscape Mode (v1.2)
  • App Background Image (v1.3)
  • Playback Time Counter (v1.3)
  • Facebook & Twitter pages with WebView (v1.3)
  • ‘About’ section with WebView
  • Full Native Application
  • No extra code is required
  • Supports Android 2.2 – API 8 & Up
  • Step-By-Step Documentation Included

Feature Description

Supports Both Single & Multiple Station Radio (v1.1):

This app automatically change from single station app to mult-station app, when you will add more than one station into it. Multi-station mode has extra next/previous buttons to change stations.

Supports Various Stream Types (v1.3) & File Formats (v1.4):

This app supports MP3, AAC, AAC+, HE-AAC+, RTSP stream types and PLS, M3U, XSPF file formats.

AdMob Enabled (v1.1):

Now you can earn money by displaying Ad inside your app. AdMob Banner Ad is added at the bottom of main activity. Just add your AdMob publisher id and you are good to go.

Background Service:

The radio continues playback even you close the app. You can listen radio while you are doing other tasks into your device. The app is created using extending “Service” class. All MediaPlayer related methods are accessible from any other activity or service.

Notification Message:

Notification is added with this app. So you can get status of the radio from the notification. You can also open the app directly from the notification.

Displays Album Art & Track Info (v1.2):

The radio displays Album Art / Cover Image for currently playing music with Album Name, Artist Name & Track Name.

Separate Layouts for Portrait & Landscape Orientation (v1.2):

The app uses separate layouts for both portrait & landscape orientation and utilizes its space nicely.

‘About’ section with WebView:

‘About’ activity is included to display your company/radio info by a WebView. You can place your html file inside ”/assets/html/” folder and it will appear in ‘About’ section instantly.

Rating & Suggestions

If you like our app, we will highly appreciate if you can provide us a rating of 5. You can rate us from your CodeCanyon Menu > Download page.

We would love to get suggestions from you. Tell us in comment section what other features you want to see with this app. We will try to add more features into it.


Regular License:

  • You can publish one FREE radio app on Google Play or any other android market.
  • For publishing another free radio app you need to purchase another “Regular” license.

Extended License:

  • You can publish one PAID radio app on Google Play or any other android market.
  • For publishing another paid radio app you need to purchase another “Extended” license.

For more information check following two pages where you will find what you can and cannot with either license, the FAQ especially:


We are trying to add new features into this app from time to time. No software is 100% perfect, bugs may occur unexpectedly. We release new updates whenever we find bugs and with few new features. Just note that all future updates are FREE for the buyers.

For more help check support / faq.


Version 1.4.6 (03/20/2014)

  • Fixed: AAC Playback issue on Android 4.4+

Version 1.4.5 (06/27/2013)

  • Fixed: PLS, M3U, XSPF Crash
  • Fixed: Track Metadata Crash
  • Fixed: Station List Crash
  • Fixed: Few minor bugs
  • Updated: Layout Tweak
  • Updated: Documentation

Version 1.4 (03/23/2013)

  • New: Station List
  • New: PLS, M3U, XSPF file support
  • New: Volume Seekbar
  • New: On start up, open last played station
  • Fixed: Album Art update issue
  • Fixed: Menu for Android 4.0 & up
  • Fixed: A notification bug
  • Fixed: Button flickering issue for AAC

Version 1.3.1 (01/19/2013)

  • New: Exit Menu added
  • Fixed: Notification clear issue

Version 1.3 (01/12/2013)

  • New: Supports AAC, AAC+ and HE-AAC+ stream
  • New: Playback Time Counter
  • New: App Background
  • New: Facebook & Twitter page display with WebView
  • Fixed: App crash issue
  • Fixed: Album Art update issue
  • Fixed: Several other minor issues

Version 1.2.1 (01/07/2013)

  • Fixed: Library missing error

Version 1.2 (01/05/2013)

  • New: Display Album, Artist & Track Info
  • New: Display Album Art
  • New: Different Layout for Landscape Mode
  • Fixed: Check Internet Connection
  • Fixed: Notification status update issue

Version 1.1 (12/30/2012)

  • New: Ads by Admob
  • New: Multiple Station Support
  • Updated: Layout Tweak
  • Updated: Landscape mode
  • Updated: About section – Load content from a html file
  • Updated: Documentation – Easy & Step by step guide
  • Fixed: Randomly auto start issue
  • Fixed: Reload issue while changing orientation
  • Fixed: Radio playback issue during phone call

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